Friday, May 30, 2014


Do you love me or are we just friends
Do you need me or is this just pretend
I’ve tried to figure you out but I still have my doubts
If I could looked in your heart what would I see
Would there be someone I can trust 
Or is this all just my fantasy  

When I kiss you do you get chills
Or are you feeling some kind of guilt
Am I special or am I just one of several
When I call do you rush to the phone
Will you stick with me to the end
Or will you leave me all alone

I’m falling
I’m falling
I can’t see what’s in your heart
All I know is I’m falling, falling for you

Maybe I should take a chance and let go
Maybe you’ll love me, maybe you won’t
Maybe this is the beginning of everything
A soft kiss and a leap of faith
That’s all I’m asking that’s all it takes
Baby only you can fill in all my blanks

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