Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Love That Car

I got a candy apple red mustang
There's nothing faster
Zero to sixty in nothing flat
Yea she's a go getta
If you wanna see her, you better look quick.
She'll be history before you can blink
I love that car
I love that car

Once had a women but I let her go
I just couldn't keep her
She wanted me to trade her for an Eldorado
Not my red senorita
No one comes between us and that's a fact
I keep her engine humming and I'm proud of that
I love that car
I love that car

Women will come and go in your life
They always what you to give
Some what your money
Some what your soul
But my sweet little ride
Just wants to rock and roll

If you need satisfaction in your life
You don't need a bartender
Buy your self a junker and fix her up
There's nothing finer
She won't ask no questions or tell you no lies
And all she wants to do is take you for a ride
I love that car
I love that car