Monday, April 7, 2014


Well it started down at Stonewall 
It was June of ’69
The raid was set for 3am
Just about closing time

They arrested the bartenders
And the wait staff as well
They thought it would be easy
‘till the neighbors started to yell

Their crime was serving faggots
There’s no license for that
They thought they’d close it forever 
But the protesters stood pat

The streets filled up with fairies
And queens in there finest threads
And the bottles started flying
Sailing over the cops heads

The uniforms ran for cover
They hid inside the bar
And called for reinforcements
Paddy wagons and squad cars

But the people they got organized
And proudly took a stand
And started the gay liberation front
And got the upper hand

Now a proud flag is waving
In parades every year
That symbolizes freedom 
From prejudice and fear

So sing a song for Stonewall
Sing it loud and clear
Let no one forget the courage
Born in the village that year

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