Sunday, May 13, 2012

Please leave me alone

You're usin' me up
You're wearing' me down
You're everywhere baby
You're always around

At first I thought it was so sweet
Now I can't seem to get me no peace

Like walkin' on Egg shells
Like liven' in hell

Please leave me alone
Please lease me alone
Just leave me alone

You're the life guard baby
That just can't swim
You're the school bus driver 
Stinking of gin
You want to steer the ship
But you can't see
Your blinded by love
And I'm your casualty

In my mind I'm floating on an Island
Somewhere where there are no spoken words
Not a word
To be heard

So show me an exit
Point to the sign
Give me a ticket
And I'll be fine
Far far away from the 
Madding crowd
Where the music is playing
Ever so loud

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